4 Steps to WhatsApp Spy without jailbreak for iPhone

whats app spy iphone

WhatsApp spy, never trust any web site claiming they can hack WhatsApp. But how Can I Hack My Girlfriend WhatsApp? How Can I Know That My Husband Isn’t Taking To Another ?. Here I’m going to show you how to spy on WhatsApp. Without being a victim to Scammers nor Jailbreak your iPhone.iPhone whatsapp spy

Late January 2015 WhatsApp was officially made available for PCs through a web client. Under the name WhatsApp Web.  The web client is simply an extension of your phone. As it will mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. And This means all of your messages, images, videos, audio files, locations and contact cards will still live on your phone. While WhatsApp user’s handset must still be connected to the Internet for the browser application to function.

On August 27, 2015. WhatsApp has verified and acknowledged the security issue with WhatsApp web. But they has developed a fix for web clients worldwide. By this time and till the moment many Scammers are trying to target you by asking you to add WhatsApp Mobile Number of the Victim (actually you will be the victim). Afterward you will be asked to download a seemingly innocent ‘vCard’ contact card. Which definitely containing malicious code. Once opened, the alleged contact is revealed to be an executable file. Further compromising your computer by distributing bots, ransomware, RATs, and other malwares.

So, How Can I hack WhatsApp? WhatsApp spy is a pressing need.

Simply all you need is a PC running Windows or MacOS. And a 30 Sec on your boyfriend or girlfriend mobile phone.

Step1: Navigate to WhatsApp Web . Window like below will open

whatsapp spy, hack whatsapp tutorial step 1

Step 2: here is the 30 Sec part, as you will need to use your Boyfriend mobile Phone (iPhone or Andriod device).

Then open his WhatsApp application. Now go to setting ——-> WhatsApp Web/desktop.

whatsapp spy, hack whatsapp tutorial step 2

Step 3: Now Below Screen should pop up, Immediately Scan the QR code on the PC window shown in Step1.

whatsapp spy, hack whatsapp tutorial step 3

Step 4: Now you can See All messages, Photos, media files, locations and Contacts of your Boyfriend.

Here I recommend you to close the PC. And maybe you close the internet browser of this page at all. While your browser will save it. And you will not have to do thos steps again. Later enjoy Seeing all messages.  WhatsApp Spy is done and completed. You already just hack WhatsApp of your boyfriend.

whatsapp spy, hack whatsapp tutorial step 4

How Can I Know That My Girlfriend Spy my WhatsApp?

Simply you can discover if anybody else. Other than you hack your WhatsApp with WhatsApp web. As you can go to WhatsApp on your mobile phone, then  ——-> setting ——-> WhatsApp Web/desktop. Then you will see below screen. Which tells you which computers using your web App.

whatsapp spy, hack whatsapp tutorial step 2

Can I Stop my Girlfriend from Spying my WhatsApp?

Yes, Stop WhatsApp Spy is just any easy as hack WhatsApp. All you need is to go to:

WhatsApp > setting > WhatsApp Web/desktop  Log out from all computer.


WhatsApp spy is very interesting. however we highly recommend not to use Scammers web claiming so. If you are attempting to WhatsApp Spy your partner never uses such web sites.

ٍSurreptitiously 30 sec with your partner mobile phone and your PC, then activate other partner WhatsApp web on your PC  and track his messages, images, videos, audio files, locations and contact. While it is also easy to find out and prevent others hacking your application and privacy.


The law generally requires you to notify users/ owners of the device that it is being monitored. The violation of this requirement could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using of using this guide in the manner you intend to use it prior to downloading, installing, and using it.

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