iPhone 3D Touch guide – How it work ?

iPhone 3D Touch guide

iPhone 3D Touch guide

iPhone 3D Touch is a technology developed by  Apple Inc. That enables iPhone screen to recognize different levels of force being applied to their surfaces. Hence a deep press on App icon will allow you to quickly interact with the App and to reply a notification. Moreover, you can easily preview messages, photos, links and switch keyboards. For instance, take selfie, record Video or talk photo with a firm press on camera app instead of open it. The 3D touch technology first unveiled on September 9, 2014 during the Apple Watch conference. And it is a default for iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

In this tutorial, I will let you know how to enable iPhone 3D Touch and adjust its sensitivity. In addition, I will show you how to use 3D Touch to replay Whatsapp notification.

But first, let’s see how to enable and fix 3D Touch on iPhone 6s or later.

iPhone 3D Touch with camera App

iPhone 3D touch is not working, How to fix it?

Actually, it is working and it is enabled by default. But Apparently, you are not putting enough pressure on the iPhone screen for it to work. And I do recommend you to place your iPhone on a rigid surface like a table or so and pressing it hard.

That is why I always say deep or firmly press to make it work.  And you will need just to practice it more. Later you will enjoy it while holding the iPhone on your hand.

Now How to Adjust iPhone 3D Touch Sensitivity

Step 1: Navigate to Settings → General → Accessibility

How to Adjust iPhone 3D Touch Sensitivity step 1

Step 2: On Accessibility click → 3D Touch

Within the 3D Touch window. You would see the sensitivity settings with three options Light, Medium, and Firm. So you can select the appropriate settings matches your requirement.

Experience your selection on the photo under iPhone 3D Touch sensitivity selector.

How to Adjust iPhone 3D Touch Sensitivity step 2

How to use iPhone 3D Touch to reply Whatsapp notification?

Step 1: on home screen and while iPhone is locked. Deep press the Whatsapp notification.

Step 2: Only clicked notification will appear in a new window with a transparent background

How to use iPhone 3D Touch to reply Whatsapp notification step 1

Step 3: Type to immediately replay the notification. Otherwise, you can close it ( click X button ) or swipe down to dismiss it

How to use iPhone 3D Touch to reply Whatsapp notification step 2

Yet iPhone 3D Touch can be used to preview and interact with all notification ( emails, messages, …….). And it is accessible from Lock screen.

It is worth to thank Apple Taptic engine (vibration sensor). Which provides a haptic feedback once 3D touch is in charge. And this is confirming Apple continues improvement of user experience and feedbacks.


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