Free iPhone IMEI Check

free iphone imei check

Free iPhone IMEI check, finally the developer Ali Hady was able to create the first free iPhone IMEI and serial checker tool, this tool allows iPhone users to get some important information about their iDevices. The iPhone IMEI checker is still in beta version, and is being developed and improved on a daily basis.

In this article we will let you know what are the benefits of using iPhone IMEI / Serial check and we gonna discus all cons and pros of such information.

free iphone IMEI check

The importance of iPhone IMEI Check:

iPhone IMEI check will provide you with some important information about your iPhone, it is extremely important specially when you are buying used iPhone online from websites such as eBay. Accordingly we highly recommend to check the iPhone you gonna buy via its IMEI number, you have to ask the seller to send you a video that shows the iPhone IMEi number.

After checking iPhone IMEI, you will be able to take the right decision. You must know some important information such as:

  • iPhone Model.
  • iPhone is clean or reported as lost or stolen (Blacklist IMEI Check).
  • iPhone is locked or unlocked.
  • Warranty expiration date.
  • Find my iPhone on or off.

How to use the Free iPhone IMEI Check:

Step 1: Head over this link iPhone IMEI Check tool

Step 2: Click “CHECK YOUR IMEI / SERIAL” button.

free iphone imei checker

Step 3: Insert your iPhone IMEI number. (How to get your iPhone IMEI)

free iphone serial checker

Step 4: You will get this information:

free iphone serial check

What information you will get from iPhone IMEI checker?

Free iPhone Checker :

While it is a free iPhone checker tool you will get some basic information such as:

  • iPhone Model (this confirms that iPhone is not a Chinese cloned copy)
  • Latest iOS version : You will get a direct official link for the latest available iOS version for your iPhone.
  • iPhone Size.
  • Hardware specs.
  • Screen
  • FCC ID

Paid iPhone IMEI Checker:

This tool will allow you to get full information about your iPhone such as:

  • IMEI Number: **************8839
  • Part Description: iPhone 6
  • Running iOS Version: 9.3.2
  • Initial Activation Policy ID: Official carrier of iPhone: US AT& T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • Activation Policy Applied Activation PolicyID: 23
  • Applied Activation Details: Multi-Mode Unlock
  • Next Tether Policy ID: 2303
  • Next Tether Policy Details: Multi-Mode Unlock
  • First Unbrick Date: 24/01/15
  • Unlock Date: 24/01/15
  • Unbricked: false
  • Unlocked: true (Locked / Unlock Status)

What if I didn’t find information about my iPhone

In this case we have three possibilities:

  1. Wrong IMEI : so you have to recheck your corrected 15-digits iPhone IMEI number again, or try checking your iPhone using serial number.
  2. As we mentioned earlier in this post, that iPhone IMEI checker is still in beta version, so we recommend to check your iPhone IMEI again within 24-48 hours
  3. It is not a iPhone, may be this IMEI belongs to another device such as Samsung or may be a cloned iPhone.

Is it safe to check my iPhone IMEI online?

The market is full of scammers these days, so you have to test your iPhone information with a trusted source, we found some trusted sources who could provide this service, the most stable and secured server is, these guys are using Shopify eCommerce system which is considered one of the highest secured servers over the web.

iPhone IMEI Check – Supported iPhone Models

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G


Free iPhone IMEI Checker Cons

  • Couldn’t get the official carrier of your iPhone.
  • Couldn’t show Locked / Unlocked status.

Free iPhone IMEI Checker Pros

  • Show iPhone mode.
  • Shows if this a real or cloned iPhone.
  • Shows the latest available iOS version for your iPhone.
  • Shows all iPhone hardware specs (processor, camera, screen, dimensions, etc.)
  • Free.

check iphone imei now

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