15 Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Life Drain After iOS 10

fix iPhone batttery issue

How to Fix iPhone Battery Life Drain After iOS 10? Well, many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are complaining from a well-known issue which is the battery life drain specifically after deploying the latest iOS 10 / 10.1.1.

fix iPhone batttery issue

According to Apple forums, many users are claiming that iOS 10.1.1 is causing suddenly shut down to their iPhones, when battery charge falls below certain percentage

For me, I have iPhone 6, after updating it to the latest iOS 10.1.1, I noted that it shuts down when battery charge drops below 40%.

How Fix iPhone Battery Life Drain After iOS 10

Anyway, in this article we gonna show you 15 useful tips which will help you to fix iPhone battery life after iOS 10 / 10.1.1.

Tip 1: Check Battery Draining Apps

Which app is consuming your battery? you can check it from here

Settings >Battery

Try to find alternatives for these apps, or don’t use them when you are away from your charger

Fix iPod touch battery life

Tip 2: Location Services

Location services is a sneaky feature that consume power fast. Many apps want to know and use your location, but to save your battery life. In order to fix iPhone battery life, we highly recommend to disable this feature for apps which you don’t wanna share your location with.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

fix ipod battery life - location service

Tip 3: Update All Apps Available to Update

When “Use Cellular Data” for app updates is turned on (Settings > iTunes & App Store), it would consume your battery, so it is better to update all your apps via Wifi network

App Store > Updates > Updated All

fix iphone battery drain

Tip 4: Hard Reboot

While it is an old tip for fixing iPhone battery drain, but it was valuable with many of iDevice users.

Hold Power button + Home button for 15 seconds.

Tip 5: Low Power Mode

Low power mode is meant to limit app activities from consuming battery. For example, by enabling this feature email will not fetched automatically.

Fix iPhone 7 plus battery life

Tip 6: Turn Off Raise to Wake

Multiple reports in Twitter from the affected iPhone users claimed that turning the new iOS 10’s feature “Raise to Wake” helped them to fix the batter issue

Settings > Display & Brightness and then toggle Raise to Wake off.

Fix iphone battery life - Raise to wake

Tip 7: Reduce Widgets on Lock Screen in iOS 10

Widgets are really useful, as it allows you to get many of information from lockscreen, but keep in mind that widgets is consuming battery in order to keep those information fresh. To save your battery remove any unwanted widgets.

Scroll to the bottom of Widget page > Edit > Delete any unwanted widget

fix iPhone batter issue

Tip 8: Use Night Shift

Using Night Shift mode will give you little more battery life to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift

Fix iPhone bad battery life drain

Tip 9: Turn On Reduce Motion

iPhone has animation for everything (Message app, open/close apps and etc.). While not guaranteed to solve battery life woes, but some users reported that this tip makes the battery lives longer.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > On

fix iPhone bad battery life after iOS 10

Tip 10: Toggle Or Disable iCloud Keychain

May be use for this feature is the reason of battery drain problem, in some older iOS versions, some iPhone users reported that they could solve battery bad life by toggling Key Chain Off then On immediately. Other users fixed the issue by turning it off.

Settings > iCloud > Keychain (toggle iCloud Keychain On/Off)

Fix iPhone battery life drain

Tip 11: Turn Off or Limit Background App Refresh

One of the main reasons of battery drain, as “Background App Refresh” feature keeps all or some of the background apps updated, to be ready for your use, so it is a heavy battery consuming feature.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn Off Unwanted apps

Fix Iphone battery life after iOS 10.1.1

Tip 12: Reset All Settings

This tip will reset all your settings to default with keeping all user data, sometimes it helps.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Fix ipad battery life

Tip 13: Fresh-Install Latest Version Of iOS 10

It’s possible that there are unwanted items which inevitably gets accumulated from previous iOS updates may be causing battery drain issue.

I always suggest my friends to install fresh copy from latest iOS version from scratch rather than updating Over-The-Air in order to get the best performance.

Tip 14: Wait For the New iOS update:

After discussion with some of Apple’s authorized service technicians, they confirmed that is known software issue in iOS 10.1.1, consequently the next iOS update (i.e 10.2.x) will definitely help fixing iPhone bad battery life drain.

Tip 15: Talk to Apple Support Online:

You can chat online with Apple support via Twitter account or via official website. Before start chatting prepare your iPhone serial number. Also you will be asked about the iOS version that installed in your device.

Settings > General > About > Serial Number (For serial number)
Settings > General > About > Version (for iOS version)


In this guide we tried to cover all tips to fix iPhone battery life drain issue which related to software issues or tricks.

In case the battery drain issue still exists, you have to wait for Apple’s next iOS update (10.2).

Finally, if you still suffering, this may be a defect in your iPhone battery, so that you can go throw battery change.

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