9 Steps To Fix IOS 10.2 Battery Drain Issue

fix ios 10.2 battery drain

Did you update your iPhone via OTA (Over the Air) to the latest iOS 10.2? Did you experience major issues with rapid battery drain and iPhone is getting very hot? Unfortunately, it is the same issue with iOS 10.1.1 for which iPhone die when its battery reaches about 30% of charge remaining. Here we are going to discuss iOS 10.2 battery drain sources and how to fix it.

fix ios 10.2 battery drain

Causes of iOS 10.2 battery drain issue.

First, Let’s brief the cause of the issues as this will help you understand how to solve the issue of IOS 10.2 battery drain. So after updating your device to iOS 10.2 then you will notice the following which we claim is the sources of the issue.

1- The device name is not matching up what is in Apple’s cloud (or an old device name is in use). This is causing Location Services to constantly fail to connect with Apple servers which is the main cause of iOS 10.2 battery drain snag.  To check it:

Settings → Privacy → location Services (ON) → Share My Location → From.

ios 10.2 battery drain - issue with Location service

2-Network setting considered the second major cause of the battery drain issue. iOS 10.2 firmware update may change the network settings somehow. If this happened, your iPhone will keep trying to get the best network signal. Hence this causes a dramatically battery drain.

ios 10.2 battery drain - issue with network setting drain IOS 10.2 rapidly

In addition, and in case you do have iOS 10.2 battery drain issues, it is recommended to update your iPhone through iTunes. You don’t have to do OTA (Over The Air) update through your iPhone for the time being. Even if Apple daily reminders nagged you. Again you have to hold and update through iTunes. This is for the reasons we will describe below for which we see it is the culprit of Battery drain as well.

How to fix iOS 10.2 battery drain

We will cover a solution for main causes of iOS 10.2 battery drain issue in below tutorial. First, Let’s split this into two situations.

1)If you are on 10.x.x and planning to upgrade to IOS 10.2

Before doing so, make sure to accomplish the below steps.

      1. At the begining, backup of iPhone/iPad on iTunes, you will use it in next tutorial.
      2. Reset All Settings. Tap (Settings → General → Reset → Rest All Settings)
      3. Reset Network Settings. Click (Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings)

2) If you have already 10.2

If you already upgrade your iPhone to IOS 10.2, try to then follow up the below 8 steps.

  1. Follow our previous guide 15 tips to fix iPhone Battery life after iOS 10, it should help you in slowing down iPhone battery drains after iOS 10.2, in case the issue still exists, then go a head with the below steps.
  2. Connect iPhone to computer using USB cable (lighting cable).
  3. Open iTunes then click on the Device icon (towards the top left of iTunes screen).fix iPhone 6S plus battery drain
  4. At the top-left of the screen. You would see a little photo of your iPhone and next to it the name of your iPhone. Click on the text and type to rename it to a name you have never used before (press enter when finished typing).fix iPhone 7 battery drain after ios 10.2
  5. On your iPhone, ( Settings → Privacy → location Services (ON) → Share My Location → From). Ensure the name of the device that you just renamed is selected (and it must say “This Device” underneath it). If it is not selected, click it to select so that it is ticked.ios 10.2 battery drain - issue with Location service, delete not used device
  6. Download iOS 10.2 ipsw file for your device (official iOS 10.2 download links below)
  7. Now you gonna update your iPhone via iTunes using iOS 10.2 ipsw file.
  8. On a Mac, hold down the “Option” key and then click on “Update” On a Windows PC, hold down “SHIFT” key and then click on “Update” Then browse the iOS 10.2 ipsw file.
  9. Finally, restore your iPhone from your old backup.


two main factors causing iOS 10.2 battery drain, Network settings and Share location service.  With this tutorial you will learn how to fix iOS 10.2 battery drain in terms of both main issues.

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