Download vShare for iPhone iOS 10.1.1 without Jailbreak

vshare iphone ios 10

Download vShare, on October 31, 2016 Apple release iOS 10.1.1. Till the moment vShare compatible with the latest iOS release. In this tutorial, we are going to demonstrate the most secure steps to successfully download vShare.

download vshare ios 10.1.1

What is great about vShare is that. It is totally free App store and it doesn’t require to Jailbreak your iPhone. With vShare you can test paid apps and games. Then you can decide to purchase them or quit without paying single $.

However, it is advantageous to install vShare. But Apple never recommend such tools which allow users to download paid and premium content for free. The reason behind that it is obviously clear.

How to Download vShare for iOS 10.1.1.

Excessive tutorials explain how to install vShare. we are going to point out the straightforward method to get the vShare installed in 8 express steps.

Step 1: make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. And your iPhone can connect and work probably with it.

Step2: download vShare helper  it is quite big file, 123MB. but this piece of software will help you download apps, games, ringtones, media, etc., By Connecting you iOS device to your windows PC. It will Also help backup your files and install music direct to music app.

Note: if you are using Mac OSX. follow  vShare Mac tutorial .



Step3: Processed with vShare installation, select where you want to install it. Click next till the installation process completed.


vshare iphone ios 10.1.1

Step 4: launch the vShare. Connect you iOS device iPhone or iPad.

vshare iphone ios 10.1.1


Step 5: Click on the App tab

Step 6: Browse apps and select the app you want to install. Then click on App icon it will start to download.

Step 7: When the download is complete,  tap on App on the menu. A list of downloads will show, tap on the green arrow beside the app you want to install.

Step 8: When the installation indicator reaches 100%, the app has been installed on your iOS device and you can use it.


vShare is a pirated app store, where you can enjoy paid apps and games for free. However, it is not recommended by Apple and not recommended by Pangu Jailbreak blog. But it can be used only for trying apps before buying them

We explained the easiest and most direct way to download vShare and install it on Windows operating system. While many tutorials may take you into complicated and error hassle.

Enjoy vShare and let us know if you face any error we will try to fix it together.

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