3 Steps how to disable Live Photo in iOS 10.2?

3 Steps how to disable Live Photo in iOS 10.2

3 Steps how to disable Live Photo in iOS 10.2

Disable live photo, in iOS 10.2 Live Photo feature is always On by Default. While it is amazing feature to see the moments before and after you capture a photo in a live concert. but you may want to snap non-moving photos or you are running on a limited memory space and keen your photo size. Hence disable live photo from auto-activation is the recommended approach.

Live Photo file size always not less than 2.5MB, and this various according to the iPhonel model, camera spec’s and photo location. In some cases, live photo file size may reach 5MB. Here I will show you how to disable live photo and prevent it for been auto-activated to preserve your memory space.

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how to disable Live Photo from auto-activating in iOS 10.2?

  1. navigate to Settings → Photo & CameraDisable live Photo step1
  2. Scroll down to Preserve SettingsDisable live Photo step 2
  3. Select Live Photo and turn it OFFDisable live Photo step 3

Till the moment, actually, I don’t get Why Apple enable live photo by default. And why it is of an auto activation feature if you turn it from Camera App.

Anyway, Live photo is interesting option which I personally like. And we have control over its auto activation feature. So no harm.

Enjoy better Memory management.

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