How To Detect Fake VS Real iPhone

How to detect fake iPhone and Real iPhone

Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone.While buying online used or a new iPhone looking at the pictures and the pictures just looked iffy. You should just basically stay away from any listing like that. Especially, Police attempts to eradicate fake iPhone from the market have failed. Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturers are not that far behind. They actually released something that they claim to be an iPhone 7 but in fact, it probably isn’t.How to detect fake iPhone and Real iPhone

Now the only way as not to be a victim for such approaches is to advise you guys how to distinguish between clone fake iPhone and the real one. Here, I will distinguish fake VS real iPhone in terms of Packaging, physical dimensions (hardware) and phone response to graphics.

but it’s still got to see the difference particularly just to see how crazy close the design was to the actual thing that apple announced. See Also comparison chart summarizing all points. 

Fake iPhone and real iPhone packaging.

The people clone these fake iPhone will be able to quickly copy the original boxes that apple has made. But still, some points will not be matched. With a huge number of dummy producers in the market releasing different qualities.

  1. Box size of Fake iPhone will exactly match the original iPhone box.  However, in some other cases, it will bigger.
  2. iPhone 6 box has no photo printed on its box. iPhone 7, 7 Plus have an actual phone photo indicating the phone color.  While Fake iPhone box may have a printed photo of the iPhone home screen.
  3. Unboxing fake iPhone, it will slide regularly. On the other hand real iPhone is slightly tight.
  4.  Fake iPhone front screen protector and back covering tape is sticky to the phone body. In some cases, bubbles will be there also.

physical dimensions (hardware) of Fake VS real iPhone.

  1.  The way original and dummy iPhone they look, button placement and its shape are identical. It’s completely 100% percent identical. Even you can fit the original one in the fake box and vise verse.Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone
  2. Movement of the volume switch and sleep/wake button. Is not smooth in clone iPhone. Clone iPhones have poor button quality
  3. Apple logo on the real iPhone gets a pet darker when it is not subjected to direct light. And the logo is flashed with the device you just can fell it slightly goes deeper rubbing your finger over the logo.
  4. Fake iPhone lines and color are darker and thicker than the original one. Also, it is clear the LED flash difference how it looks in perfect circular shape on the real iPhone.Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone lines and color are darker
  5. As a pretty good difference for you that the real iPhone uses the pentalobe screw. While the fake iPhone may use a normal cross screws. This pentalobe type screw requires a special screwdriver to loose it. Have a clear look to the 3.5 Jack,  you will see how it ideal circle with unsharp edges.Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone, pentalobe security screw
  6. Original iPhone camera uniqueness is that it is out of the phone service.  I thought with the real camera Spec’s which allow Apple to make a fuss with the device it has to be out. As not to increase the whole device thickness. But Fake iPhone camera in the surface of the device body. And it is now clear it is cheaper than the real iPhone camera ( 12MP, Digital zoom up to 5x and 7-megapixel front face time camera for iPhone 7).Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone, camera out of the device surface
  7. If this is your first time to buy new iPhone. And you would buy it online from Amazon,  Alibaba,….any website that sells internationally. Then you have to check seller country and make sure he has a real reviews. It is also good to know that the real iPhone comes with the below list of standard accessories. only the power adaptor may be different from location to another according to that location power source type.Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone, accessories list
  8. Real iPhone never comes with dual- SIM card capability. This is may be something that dummy iPhone manufacturers be a proud off. but in real this is a definite indication that this is not original iPhone. Apple never released any iPhone version with dual-SIM card.

Real iPhone and fake iPhone graphics and response.

  1. First Step would be to turn on your iPhone. Real iPhone has a standard power on procedures showing Apple logo. Then it goes on, asking you to use Apple ID, select language, locations,….. other than this it will be a completely fake iPhone. See Also comparison chart summarizing all points. Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone, power on procedures
  2. Second important Approach also, immediately attempt to connect with Apple Store. On the home Screen press Apple store icon then it would normally go to Apple store. If not and if it goes to Google play store. Then you can guess what is that!!! I hope you don’t come to that situation.Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone, App store
  3.  Check iPhone brightness, just have a look to the brightness on the phone.I don’t think you may figure that difference between both. For me, I had seen many fake iPhones so I can distinguish the difference. And you can do so. But if this is your first time I dough you can get the difference.
  4. Retina HD displayIf you have a surface look ( see below image ) on the real iPhone icons of the App’s you can see it is almost on the surface and its sharp. On the other side, Fake iPhone the icons will be dim and deeper.  Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus have a retina HD display and utilizes a dual-domain pixel as to give a wide viewing angle.Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone, surface view
  5. Check camera and recall photos, Fake iPhone will have late response to recall the photos. On real iPhone, the recall shouldn’t take more than half a second. Real iPhone is equipped with A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture, which gives a very high response in all aspects of phone usage.
  6. Holding down the Home button will launch Siri, On all fake iPhones siri is not working
  7. Checking iPhone IMEI and serial will not make such difference. Unfortunately, fake iPhone uses same serials and IMEI numbers that Apple uses. So even if you checked Apple Warranty it many cases will give you a feedback. But at anyway, I do recommend to check it as well.
  8. Double tapping the Home (not clicking – just a light tap like tapping an icon)  will recall reachability option on real iPhone. For iPhone 6 series and newer versions, and as those phones have large screens, it can be hard to reach from one side to the other when using the phone one-handed. Reachability will pull the top of the screen down to the center to make it easy to reach. This is not the case with clone ones.Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone, Reachability
  9. Connect the phone with iTunes, If it is connected and no error message you got. Then this is original iPhone.

If we are going to check iPhone response versus dummy response, I think we will write too many points here. I trust with above points only you will be able to detect it in less than one mint. And I listed the points which will make you able to know if it a clone or original even if you don’t have the device on hand ( ask the seller to send screen shot or so).


Fake iPhone Prices are always much lower than Original one. The market is Full of a huge number of clone device. Here is the full list to distinguish the real iPhone. And I added a comment to value the point of Comparison. Check the details of each point above if not clear.

CompareFake iPhoneReal iPhoneComments

Fake iPhone and real iPhone packaging

Box sizeIdentical in many cases to real oniPhone 6 has no photo printed – iPhone 7 has the an actual phone photoNot a  focal point to detect difference
Front Screen protectorSticky and may have bubblesNo bubbles and easy to removeNot a  focal point to detect difference

physical dimensions (hardware) of Fake VS real iPhone

Physical dimensionExactly matches original iPhoneiPhone 7 Plus : 3.07X6.23X0.29 inches – All phone size avalibale on Apple phones specsNot a  focal point to detect difference
Switch movementPoor qualitySmoothOld iPhone user can detect difference
Apple LogoMay be in surface with device back or goes deeperSlightly  deeperOld iPhone user can detect difference
Back lines and colorsDarker and thickerLight colorOld iPhone user can detect difference
pentalobe screwNot existExistGood point to detect difference
Phone cameraIn surface with device in many casesGoes a pit higher than device surfaceGood point to detect difference
Phone AccessoriesNon standardStandard list depend on selling to countryYou need to check Apple web to know what standard accessories
Dual-SIM cardExistNot existVery good point to detect difference

Real iPhone and fake iPhone graphics and response

Power ONApple Logo may not comes and it may Say welcome to iPhoneOnly Apple logo AppearsGood point to detect difference
Connect Apple StoreIt will go to Google play storeGoes to Apple storeVery good point to detect difference
Check iPhone brightnessDimBrightOld iPhone user can detect difference
viewing angleLooks dim for surface lookDual domain pixels gives large viewing angleGood point to detect difference
Camera and recall photosPoor quality and responseHigh quality and fast responseOld iPhone user can detect difference
SiriNot existExistVery good point to detect difference
Double tapping the HomeNothing happenOpen ReachabilityVery good point to detect difference
Check Apple WarrantyMay gives feedbackAlways gives feedback Good point to detect difference
Connect iTunesNot exist , gives errorExistVery good point to detect difference

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