3 Second iPhone Live Photo Will Eat your Memory

how to Talk, Preview, Disable and Share iPhone live photo

how to Talk, Preview, Disable and Share iPhone live photo

iPhone Live Photo captures a short video with each photo taken. As it will catch 1.5 seconds (for both movement and sound) just before and after you press the shutter button.

While it is very interesting to add memories and life to your photos. But it creates a 3 sec Quick Time Movie file with size ranges from 2.5 to 5 MB. Which will decrease your Memory storage for photos portion at least 50%.

Below is a Sample live Photo by iPhone 6S at night time, which means the file size should not be high. however, it is 3.1 MB. Here I’m going to show you how to Talk, Preview, Disable and Share Live Photos. Then you will be free to decide when to talk a Still or Live Photo.

how to control iPhone live photo?

On September 2015, Live Photo feature was introduced with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Currently, it is available also with newer models iPhone SE, 7 and 7Plus.  And by Default iPhon Live Photo is enabled.

Once you launch the Camera App, a bullseye icon highlighted and blinking in yellow will indicate live photo is ON. And by Clicking the bullseye icon it will turn to white says Live Off to confirm it is OFF now.

I recommend keeping Live Photo OFF as long as you don’t need it. And in iOS 10.2 Live Photo is always On by Default. So whenever you like to capture still photo or preserve your memory, disable live photo is always the solution. Read more How to Disable live Photo.

Turn On / OFF iPhone live photo

how to preview a 3-second live photo?

The most efficient way to preview Live photo is to use the iPhone 3D Touch effect.

  1. Launch photos App.
  2. Scroll your photos, the Live one you will notice it is blinking and moving for a very short time (1 Second ) or less
  3. Deep press this one ( Exsert 3D touch effect ). Then the 3 Second video will play.

Another alternative method if you are not sure this photo is Live or Still. Is to Attempt to share this photo, then the Live photo will be marked ( live ). Meanwhile, if there is another live photo you will see it marked with white bullseye.

Preview iPhone Live Photo

How to share live photo as GIF on IOS 10.2?

As earlier stated that Live photo works only with iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7 &7Plus. Hence you are limited to share live photo with your friends whom only own one of these devices. to overcome this limitation you will need to convert live photo to GIF. So that you can share your live memories with any of your friends.

Read more 5 Steps How To Share iPhone Live Photo

New you can enjoy your iPhone life photo feature with more control on it.

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