How To Detect Fake VS Real iPhone

How to detect fake iPhone and Real iPhone

Fake iPhone versus Real iPhone.While buying online used or a new iPhone looking at the pictures and the pictures just looked iffy. You should just basically stay away from any listing like that. Especially, Police attempts to eradicate fake iPhone from the market have failed. Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturers are not that far behind. They actually […]

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy s8 vs iphone 7

After long anticipation, Samsung S8 is here. And it is notable that Samsung’s latest smartphones are really astonishing devices with new amazing design. So, in case you are planning to buy a new smartphone,  I prepared an apples to apples comparison tables between Samsung S8 vs iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus vs iPhone […]

iPhone Universal Clipboard isn’t working onmy MacBook, Why?

iPhone Universal Clipboard

iPhone universal Clipboard is a part of iOS 10.2 Continuity features bundle. Whereby you will Cut and/or copy a word, text, photos, or video on your iPhone. Then paste it on your Mac, iPad, or iPod and vice versa. With iPhone Handoff, Universal Clipboard, Instant Hotspot, and Auto Unlock. You will Move seamlessly between your iOS devices. All are […]